St Patrick’s Primary School

Harvest Festival Celebration

Sunday 23rd September

St Patrick’s Church, 10am.


We will be supporting our local Bristol charity

“The Julian Trust” who work with homeless people in our city.


We are accepting donations from Monday 17th

September – until 28th September. 

Please support our appeal and bring donations to the

school office.


Margarine, UHT Milk, Sugar, Tinned Potatoes, Tinned Carrots,

Tinned Meat (Luncheon/Corned Beef), Bleach, Meat Soup, Pickles,

Squash, Tinned Meat (Stew/Mince/Chilli), Cleaning Spray/Cream,

Pepper, Hot Chocolate, Instant/Tinned Custard (not powder),

Tinned Peas (not Mushy),

Toothbrushes, or Washing Powder (Own brands are really welcome)


Thank you for supporting our Harvest Festival.



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