St Patrick's School is celebrating it's Class Star of the Week - Week ending 15/6/18

Congratulations to Year 6 for their CAFOD fundraising this week - Over £500 raised.
Year 6: Kimberley because she has devoted lots of time and money to fundraising for CAFOD.
Year 5: Bernadette and Emily showed true courage when faced with difficulty. They demonstrated maturity, a caring attitude and excellent friendship values. You are wonderful role models. 
Year 4: Daniel is always ready to learn, polite and focused and he wrote a powerful speech to convince people to accept the Holy Spirit into their lives and follow Jesus. 
Year 3: Rohan has worked really well this week and deserves this award. He has produced some fantastic work in R.E and has contributed to class discussions with thought provoking ideas. 
Year 2: Karolina works hard in all areas but her writing this week has been exceptional- she has produced wonderfully imaginative work after choosing her own WILFS!

Year 1: Alex has worked really hard in maths lessons this week and has learned to show times on the clock independently without teacher help. 

Year Reception: Bartosz was able to remember lots of our RE stories as we looked through our floorbook and has really focused in our collective worships this week. 

Week ending 22/6/18

Year 5: Ethan tried really hard with his writing this week. Aaron for his outstanding maths reasoning.
Year 4: Isaiah is producing brilliant pieces. Isaiah is also showing self-control and not letting himself be distracted.  
Year 3: Ella R has had a great week. She has contributed well to our class discussions and produced some excellent work in RE and English.
Year 2: Christopher has made a wonderful start to Yr 2. He puts a great effort into all his work and has made some good friendships already. 

Year 1: Oliver is trying hard to be a good role model for the rest of the class showing good manners and work ethic. 

Year Reception: Leo has been really excited about our learning of sea animals and has been joining us on the carpet for some of our learning. 

 Well done to all our pupils for their hard work.




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