The Chaplaincy Team at St Patrick’s involves pupils from years 5 and 6. They applied to become part of the team in order to strengthen the prayer life of the School.

They were commissioned by the Bishop at the Cathedral and are now taking a very active part in the Collective Worship of the School.

The Members are:

Year 6

Jeffin Jose, Jessica Morris, Freya Wright, Jodi Orpen, Chris Thomson, Alvin Joby and Billy Redmond


Year 5

Xanthe Wright, Frankie Hopkins, Alan Gigi, Joe Little, Ruqaya, Mighty-Miller, Melvin Thomas, Joanna Wandrowska and Chiara Kent



Acting out the gospel at the Aquinas Cluster Chaplaincy Day

At St Brendan’s



Presenting our school banner at the Cathedral



The building work at the Cathedral did not dampen our spirits!


We are looking forward to many new projects next year; we will keep you posted.