School Council

Welcome to the School Council page for 2015-16.







Following our elections in Term 1 the new School Council Representatives for this year are as follows:

Year 2 - Calvin and Nicole

Year 3 - Isaac and Maisy

Year 4 - Ala and Tony

Year 5 - Alan and Grace, Olivia and Freddie also representing Year 1

Year 6 - Charlie, Faith, Vinnie and Jade also representing Reception

Following on from the school governors questionnaire to parents the school council have conducted a similar version with each class. The results will be collated and passed on to the school governors for consideration. The areas covered by the questionnaire include: how to improve the school inside and out, what we like best about St Patrick's, how we can make the school more Eco friendly and finally the role of the School Governor.

Results will be posted shortly.