Year 1


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Term 3

Amazing Antarctica!

Thank you for the project posters that have been sent into school. We can't wait to see them all and start our new topic.



Welcome back! St Brigid's class wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2017. We are all set and ready to enjoy another busy term. Please find an updated homework overview at the bottom of this page.


Term 2


Thank you so much for the beautiful cards and Christmas gifts that we received. From the Year 1 team :-)

We have been working so hard learning our Christmas Play 'Born in a Barn'. We can't wait to show our families on Wednesday 14th December at 2pm. We look great in our costumes!
We have been learning the new skill of sewing. Thanks to a great team of parent volunteers we have made beautiful Christmas puddings to hang on our Christmas trees. 
We have been making Christmas card for our families using collage techniques. We used the three kings for our inspiration. 
 As part of our Advent work Year 1 had our own Christingle service. We learnt all about the symbol of a Christingle and made our very own. We then said special prayers and did some writing about our Christingle. We took them home and told our Mummy's and Daddy's all about them and that Christingle means "Christ's Light."
Year 1 have an elf!
We are very lucky in Year 1. One cold morning a magical elf door appeared in our classroom. We weren't sure who it belonged to but recorded some of our predictions and ideas. The next day we found an elf! He had poured paper and pens all over our floor with a note saying "Pip". Father Christmas sent a special letter explaining that Pip had come to visit us during Advent and let Father Christmas know how well behaved we were. He also warned us Pip is a very cheeky elf. Each day we find Pip has done something new in our classroom. Sometimes he is naughty and gobbles our fruit snack and draws on our bananas, other days he gives us treat like a new reading tent or is reading all about the Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem. We have written letter back to Santa telling him all about Pip!

As part of our Advent preparations at this special time of year, we have made a special Advent calendar that is all about how we can be kind to grow closer to Jesus. We had a class discussion and came up with lots of different ways to be kind such as: make a thank you card for the school cooks, pay a compliment to someone in class, be a good friend, line up nicely and tell and show your family you love them. Each day we have a different kindness focus which fits in with our value of gentleness this term. 
Power of Reading
We have been using Lila and the Secret of Rain as our focused text for our English work this term. This beautiful story is set in Kenya. First in topic we located the UK and named the countries and cities. After that we used globes and Google Earth to find the continent of Africa and the country of Kenya. We learnt all about the Kenyan weather, food, people and drew the special flag. We watched videos of Kenyan children who lived in the city and countryside and discussed the similarities and differences. We made story maps and wrote all about our favourite parts of the story. We loved learning some Swahili and practised counting to ten and saying hello. 
Children In Need
We celebrated Children in Need by dressing up in spotty, bright clothes. Even the teachers had spotty clothes and faces! It was a lovely day raising money to help children who are less fortunate than ourselves. 
Our Class Assembly
We presented a class assembly called 'Memories'. The assembly was linked to Remembrance. We read stories about the First and Second World War and shared our own happy and sad memories. Using Talk for Writing techniques we learnt and performed a poem all about peace. Thank you to our families for coming to watch us. 
Term 1
Take a look at some of the learning we have been doing during our first term in Year 1. 
Data Handling
We have been learning about different transport. In maths we collected data by recording tally marks to try and find out which the most popular colour car was to pass our school. We used this data to make super pictograms.
We completed a Smarties challenge! Mrs Roy said that Green Smarties were the most popular. We had to use our counting, sorting and presenting skills to see if she was right. We made predictions and found out that Mrs Roy was wrong!
Other Faiths Week
In year 1 we have recently been focusing on the Islam and how Muslim's pray. We learnt about how many times a day Muslims pray, where they pray and why it is important for them to face Mecca and about their beautiful prayer mats. We made out own prayer mats and wrote a letter to asking questions we would like to ask to find out more. 
Power of Reading
We have been focusing on Traditional Tales during Term 1. Using Talk for Writing we learnt the story of the Three Little Pigs and The Three Bears. We then used the story book "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book" as our key text. It is a very funny story which we enjoyed exploring. We even did drama and acted out a telephone conversation. 
In Science we have been learning about everyday materials. We sorted materials, went on a material hunt and explored materials and their properties. We investigated which materials were bendy, stretchy, rough and smooth. We also worked together to investigate which material would keep teddy dry and be waterproof.
We have been learning all about God's Creation. We went on a nature walk to explore the school grounds and could see beautiful fluffy clouds, a bright shining sun, colourful plants and delicate insects. We used CAFOD to learn about children around the world and how precious water is. We learnt about how water is used and how we can ensure we don't waste it. We listened to and wrote Psalms, praising God for His wonderful creation. We used art to create pictures of our favourite part of creation and wrote thank you prayers. 
We have loved using resources to support our maths work. We have been practising our counting skills, number bonds and teen numbers. We have also been doing some problem solving work too!
We have been enjoying our weekly music sessions with Mrs Mac. We have been responding to music by using Write Dance techniques and representing what we can hear by making marks. It has been lots of fun listening to a range of music. We have even described how the piece of music makes us feel by sharing our ideas with each other.
We have been learning the Our Father prayer and lead the school in this special prayer during assembly. We were all super prayer leaders.
Settling in
We are enjoying our new environment. We have been learning new routines and already pushing our learning. We have been playing and using the different toys and were even allowed to use Francis' Class outdoor area before the new children started. Mrs Roy is super excited about the year ahead. Take a look at what we have been doing...