Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. Our teachers is Miss Whooley.

Please feel free to come and speak to me if you have any questions or concerns. 



Thank you for all the reading and work you are doing with your children at home. Please can you make sure you sign your child's reading record regularly.  

Children are expected to bring in their reading records everyday. They are also asked to write a comment about the book they are reading whenever they do read. 

You can find the Homework Overview sheet for the term and the spellings in the box on the right. 





Term 4 

This term year 4 have been super busy preparing for their Easter Play. We look forward to seeing you all in the school hall at 7pm on Tuesday 4th April to enjoy the performance.

Term 3

Welcome back to the Year 4 page! Happy New  Year!

We have had a super busy start to Term 3. 


Our text for this term is Iron Man. We have been thinking about the size of Iron Man and how the author Ted Hughes uses similes and images so we can imagine what he really looks like. So far, Iron Man has fallen off a cliff and all his body parts have rolled away! We can't wait to read on to find out what happens next. 




 Thursday 9th February 

We got to play Gaelic Football!

It was so much fun! We learnt how to pass the ball correctly for this game and then had chance to put the skills we had learnt into a proper game of Gaelic Football! 


On Thursday 2nd February we went off to Eden Food Services. We spent the morning finding out all about nutrient and how much of each food category we should eat in order to stay healthy! They showed us the Eatwell Guide to help us remember. 


Next, we made our own pizzas! We kneaded the dough and used rolling pins to give us the right shape. After, we put on a tomato sauce and added the toppings of our choice. They all looked delicious. Once they were cooked, we got to enjoy these for our lunch. 


In Science our topic is States of Matter. We have been exploring matter in their different states; solid, liquid and gas. We completed an investigation to see what temperature ice melts at. We had ice cubes in a container and recorded what temperature they were using a thermometer. We then read and recorded the temperature every minute after that to see what happened. We found that, the longer the ice was out of the freezer the warmer temperature reading. 






We hope you enjoyed our class assembly all about Fair-Trade. Everyone did so well performing their parts and delivering a very important message.  Year 4 hope you continue to look out for the Fair-Trade logo when you are shopping. 




Term 1 

We have had a fantastic start to the year, behaviour has been great with everyone listening and trying their very best. We have been super busy learning about all different things. In English we have started our book Beowulf which is really exciting and we have been doing lots of work on the different characters. In Maths we have been looking at polygons, we took a trip around the school to find as many polygons as we could. We even found a dodecagon! 




This term our topic was Electricity! We had so much fun learning about the sources of electricity and how it travels. We also talked about the dangers of electricity and how we could stay safe by creating our own posters. Then we got to make our own circuits! We were able to light up bulbs and make the buzzers go off, which were VERY noisy! 


This term we have been exploring espresso coding, we have been able to use this to make helicopters fly and burst bubbles. You have to be careful though if you do not do it accurately though otherwise, the up arrow will go down and the down will go up! Very confusing!


Book Fair

In Year 4 we love reading! That's why we were so excited when the book fair returned to school. We spent some time looking at all the fantastic books and the variety of authors at the fair. 




Fair Trade

We are really excited to be learning all about fair trade. We have talked about what fair trade means and why it is important people get a fair amount of money for their products. We then made some fair trade bunting to display in our class. 

































We have done lots of work on our class Saint - Saint Josephine. We did some research about her life and explored why she was so special.