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Welcome to Year 5 2017-2018

I'm delighted to be your teacher for this year! I am Ms Young.

Please find below some information for the coming year. 

Please scroll to the bottom of our page to view our information on homework, spellings and a curriculum overview.



Term 3

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Term 2

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  PDF icon Week Dec 12th


The Mayor's Visit!

On Friday the 26th, we were honoured to receive the Mayor of Bristol - Mr Marvin Rees - at St Patrick's School.  Children from the School Council and Year 5 representatives escorted the Mayor and his Deputy - Ms Asher Craig - around the school, following a question and answer session in the school hall.  All classes were delighted to welcome the Mayor and thoroughly enjoyed the visit! The school was buzzing! 


This terms's text is Michael Morpurgo's 'The Sleeping Sword'

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Welcome back to Term 3 :) 



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Advent 2017

Look out for our purple Advent bags.

Each class has 3, sent home daily for children to perform their own little act of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Send us in any snaps or activities you've completed with your family :)














Image result for Christmas at school Christmas Hats and Jumpers! 


As you can see, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

On Wednesday, we made Christmas hats for our traditional Christmas dinner on Thursday! What a day :) Photos are in our gallery.





Safeguarding Projects!

What a response! As part of our homework and Anti-Bullying month, I set some 'Stay Safe' tasks. Children completed their own research and came up with wonderful ways to inform the rest of our school about safe keeping.  



Chaplaincy Team Commissioning

On the 24th of November, 15 pupils from Year 5 were commissioned by Bishop Declan at Downside Abbey for the St Patrick's Chaplaincy Team. 

Well done, you are wonderful and I have no doubt you will enrich the prayer life of our school. 




Expressing Emotion through Colour


Image result for deep deep down he sank edward tulaneHe sank and sank and sank..       .




Unfortunate Edward has taken a tumble overboard and into the deep abyss of the ocean. There he stays, dreaming and wondering if he will ever be found...

It is there, on the cold, empty ocean floor, that Edward experiences his first emotion.  He was afraid.

We tried to express his emotion, there on the ocean floor, by using colour.  I was so very impressed!





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Year 5/6 Mass

You are warmly invited to attend our Year 5 & 6 class mass on Wednesday 15th November @9:15. Our mass will take place in St Patrick's Church, with access only through the Shore Gallery. 




Homework Projects :)

Thank you for all your support in preparing and assisting in our homework projects! They are amazing and are on display in out KS corridor. 



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It's Term 2!  

Our Novel

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We are loving our new novel. What will happen to Edward? Where will the story go? I love the groans and the chorus of "NOOOOOOOO" when I get to the end of our chapters :) 

This week we have deepened our learning on equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed number! Refresher below. We also broadened our knowledge of angles, perimeter and introduced some awesome algebra!

Find the value of x? Oh the faces :) Image result for algebra fear meme



Mixed fraction is also known as a mixed number.

Improper fractions can be turned into mixed numbers by dividing the bottom into the top   11   =  21

                                                                    5              5


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Assembly - Friday 13th October

What a success! They were amazing :) We've clearly loved learning about the Egyptians because that was so enjoyable to watch. Well done Year 5! See all our pictures in our gallery below.




Trip to Bristol History & Art Museum

On Tuesday the 10th of October, we went to the museum to look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts.  Our class were accompanied by some wonderful parent volunteers which made the day extra special.  We managed to look around the whole museum, visiting every exhibition! Children were in awe of  all there was to see and do.  We had a wonderful workshop on handling Egyptian artefacts and matching them with their place of origin. Please find all our pictures in our gallery at the bottom of our page. 



Fr Henry's visit! 

We were very happy and honoured to have Fr Henry visit us on Wednesday the 5th of October.  He came just in the nick of time... we were doing an RE lesson!  We were learning about the Bible and its meaning.  Fr. spoke about the importance of words and how they could make or break someones day.  Fr Henry told us, 

'God is always happy to share his words with us, he shares them in the Bible' 

Then this happened! Our class were amazed and delighted :) 




Space Explorer Dome - Wednesday 4th October 

Here is a picture from inside the dome. The rest are found below in our gallery.



PDF icon Assembly Script

For all the 'I can't find it' moments :)



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Please note the change of date!

You are warmly invited to attend our first Year 5 Class Assembly, on Friday the 13th of October, in our school hall @ 2:45. 


Week 4-5

International Day of Language!

Tuesday the 26th of September, 10 lucky pupils form Year 5 were welcomed to St Brendan's College to participate in an International Day of Language event.  The focus of the day was on Mandarin.  Our children learned how to greet, depart and count in Mandarin! What an amazing opportunity to be part of! Stay tuned for a video of our little superstars speaking...


Year 5 Chaplaincy Team

On Wednesday, our 15 Year 5 Chaplains attended their first training day at St Brendan's College.  Accompanied by Ms Young, their contribution was outstanding! Such ideas, I was very impressed! Our Chaplaincy page will be bursting with information shorty! 



Week 1-3

We've had a flying start here in Year 5! We are loving our Egyptian topic and are immersed in learning all about Egypt and River Nile. We are working hard at place value - even moving onto Mastery questions! 99 Club is the current maths target for everyone, with some people climbing the club ladder rapidly! Keep practising! 

Watch out for Starjik on winter nights!! :) We've been busy creating descriptive poems about this errie night snatcher! We are planning some informational writing, due for publication soon! 



Our Gallery


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Monday 18th December 2017 Year 4 & 5 Giant Quiz

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Chaplaincy Commissioning 2017 (16 images)

Downside Abbey Friday 24th November 2017

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Y5 Assembly (19 images)

Friday 13th October 2017

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Y5 Trip to Bristol History & Art Museum (66 images)

Tuesday 10th October

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Fr Henry's Visit to Year 5 (7 images)

October 5th 2017

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Eco Council (8 images)

First meeting

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Year 5 Chaplaincy Team (23 images)

27th September 2017 @ St Brendan's College Training Day

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Year 5 can expect to receive mental and written forms of homework.  There is equal importance on the completion of both. 

Mental learning is given in the form of spellings and multiplication tables, and written homework is given as a selection of project work. Children may choose from a selection of 8 projects and complete one per week.

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Homework will be given out on the Friday of every week and is to be returned the following Friday.  Mrs Hill will arrange the delivery and return of her homework at her choosing. 

Spellings will be tested each Friday and I would urge parents to revise corrections at home in order to consolidate learning.

I am happy to go over homework with children who need help during lunchtime.  Please encourage your child to seek help when needed. The path of learning is never easy, mistakes are a huge part of finding your way. 

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Children are expected to change their reading books at least four times a week.  Please check and sign your child's reading record weekly for comments and messages from school.







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Welcome to the world of Class Dojo! 

This is a new reward system for being a excellent student or superstar! I used this app to communicate with last years class and it was an outstanding success!  Daily updates are posted from our classroom through pictures, videos and posts! It is a window into the daily life of Year 5 and some golden moments will be captured and shared!

I can instantly reward and recognize children for outstanding behaviour through  the points system.  Parents can use their personalised logins to view their child's progress over the day or get in touch directly with me through the private messaging portal.  Children also have their own login, where they too can check their progress and feel pride in their learning.  Rewards will be given out weekly for the table with the highest  points. The top 4 individual point scores will be seated on our 'Golden Table'.

Pictures to follow!



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Image result for spellings PDF icon Term 1 Spellings

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