Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 St Joseph Class.
Our teacher is Miss Priddle. 

We have Mrs Searle, Mr Harris and Mrs Jackson helping us in class, and Mrs Ford, Mrs Hill and Mrs Mc supporting us with Maths and English.



In Year 6, homework is due in on a Monday and we mark it that morning; during term 1 and 2 we are working through our SPaG Revision Guide and after Christmas, we begin our English, Maths and Science Workbooks for homework.  



We have two PE lessons a week - during term 1, 2, 5, and 6, our lessons on a Monday and Friday, and during term 3 and 4, our lessons are on a Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure you come to school with the correct PE kit (white t-shirt, black/navy shorts or joggers and trainers - no school uniform to be worn as PE kit). During the winter months, we try to get outside as much as possible, so check the weather often so that you bring appropriate kit. 

Food and Drink

Children are welcome to bring their own drinks into school and the classroom - please make sure they are labelled!

For break time, children are allowed fruit or a healthy snack - no sweets, chocolate or junk food! Packed lunches need to be a balance of foods. 

If you are bringing in sweets for a birthday celebration, we have a strict NO NUTS policy in Year 6. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see me :) 


Miss Priddle


Year 6 News





Tuesday 20th September

Today, Year 6 travelled to St Bernadette's Secondary school - we were lucky enough to have a try at coding using Angry Birds in ICT and trampolining in PE. We had a quick tour around some of the areas of the school and finally had a Q and A session with their Head of Y7, Mrs Nunnerly. 


Wednesday 21st September

We had a surprise for Mr Harris during breaktime today - we held a flash mob dance off to Danza Kuduro (Throw your hands up!) by Lucenzo. This song is used in class for our 'Brain Gym' sessions when we need a quick break from working! 

Over the past week, we had been learning and rehearsing in secret so that no one would see our was quite hard to perfect it, but we did it! Thanks to Miss P for allowing us to do it, and to Mrs Searle for videoing!

Video link to


 Friday 23rd September

 This weekend, Year 6 have been given the challenge of making Mayan Headdresses for our assembly next week...This is the topic we have been studying so far this term. Miss P has given you some inspiration (lots of colour and feathers!) and we cannot wait to see them! Roll on next friday..parents please feel free to come and join us as it's sure to be a great assembly!



Monday 26th September 

 Miss P and Mr Harris took some of the Y6 children (and Y5s) to Broad Plain Rugby Club to play in the Tag Rugby far, the team are unbeaten meaning they haven't lost a game! Today's games were nail-biting with final scores of 7-6, 5-4 and 4-3...very exciting to be stood on the side lines watching! Let's hope we can win our next 4 matches next week!

See Mr Harris' pages for more sporting updates!


 Thursday 29th September

Today, YEar 5 and 6 were extremely lucky to have a visitor come into school and talk to us about Islam - Alia Khan is a Muslim lady who usually lives with her family in London, however, whilst she was visiting Bristol, she popped in to talk to us!

The children had many questions to ask so Alia tried to cover them all by describing key parts of her faith; she discussed the Five Pillars of Islam, Ramadan, Eid, and also how Allah means One God.

Thanks to Alia for coming in - we've taken lots on board and will be able to use it during our Other Faiths studies smile




Friday 30th September 

A HUUUUUUUUGE well done to St Joseph Class for their amazing hard work on today's Mayan Assembly - all children spoke loudly and clearly (something we have been working on all of this week!) and stood proudly with confidence. The story of The Hero Twins was fantastic, well done to the Lords of Death, The Upperworld Angels, the dog, the rat and both generations of Hero Twins. 

Finally, a very big thank you to the parents for their time and effort put in to making the Maya Headdress with the children - everyone was super impressed with how big and colourful they were - so many creative hands in the class this year! smile

 Miss P is proud of you all!



Wednesday 5th October 

Today, we took advantage of the lovely weather so had an RE/Outdoor Learning lesson outside. The aim of the lesson was to explore the outside classroom for materials we can use to create portraits of ourselves. This linked in nicely with our RE topic of Creation - we have been looking at the book of Genesis and in particular, how we are all unique..
Genesis 1: 27
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female, he created them.




Thursday 6th October

Miss P wanted to really challenge us today; as it was the end of our Topic about the Maya, she thought it would be a great idea for us to tackle problem solving questions just the way the Maya Civilisation tried it all those years ago! We discovered that they had three base numbers - these were 1, 5 and 0 represented through using dots and lines. Take a look at the pictures below - we're so glad we have our own number system now...Maya were far too complicated! 


We also held a debate about which food was the most important to the Maya - Chocolate or Maize? The team FOR maize was very loud and presented some excellent arguments, whereas the team fighting FOR chocolate was small but equally powerful.

After a lengthy debate, we decided that Maize was the most important food as it adds up to 80% of their diet. However, we also came to the conclusion that as chocolate could be used a form of currency, that Maya also need this to live too.



Tuesday 11th October 


As you know, the book fair has been visiting us at school this week - Year 6 were lucky enough to have a break from their learning time and spend their lesson in the book fair. They were able to look through the books on offer, sit and study the blurbs and covers and then we discussed what attracted us to the books we had chosen. 



Thank you to the Book Fair for coming to visit us and to the parents for taking your children far, 12 of Year 6 have purchased a new book (or two!) and cannot wait to get stuck in!


 Friday 14th October

With the weather being horrendous today, Y6 took their PE lesson inside; to try our co-ordination skills and teamwork, we played a giant game of Noughts and Crosses using hulahoops and coloured bibs. To begin with, the children were more focused on just getting 3 in a line to win, but then they realised that they had to prevent the other team from getting 3 in a row as well as trying to win the game themselves. 

Once we got the aim of the game, fantastic teamwork shone through smile the children were able to strategically place their bibs so that the opposing team couldn't win and vice versa...the longest game was over 3 mins long! Shout out to Mr H for the great indoor PE idea!



Wednesday 19th October

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Shereen, Lydia, Betsy, Nyla and Lauren who all beat their times table targets today in our Maths lesson. Each of them managed to beat their score AND beat the time in which they achieved this new score. Amazing achievements girls, you must be very proud!!

Can they beat it again after half term? 


Monday 31st October

Welcome back to school for Term 2!

P lease read the update Miss Priddle has made to the Homework section at the top of the page - this term's spellings are also now available on this page as well as one copy per child being sent home today (blue sheet).

Homework is due on a Monday morning for marking

Letters have gone home today regarding our new Reading Challenge so please make sure that you read and participate - prizes are available! The aim of the challenge is for your child to read as much as possible. In Year 6, they need to be aiming to read challenging texts and try for 1 every 2-3 weeks depending on the length of the novel. 

Reading Records are checked every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY so please make sure they are signed by an adult.



Happy Halloween....

If you are heading out this evening, please remind your children of 'Stranger Danger' and stay safe!


Oh and one more thing... Miss Priddle is happy to share the sweets if there are too many to eat laughing



 Thursday 3rd November

We had a fantastic time this afternoon learning a new sport, Gaelic Football! For our first session, we practiced hand passes and solo kicks, and then had some game time. To begin with, we struggled with trying to stay in our zones (attack, mid-field and defense) but we soon got the hang of it! 

Thank you to Mr Harris for organising, and to Liam for coming in especially to teach us! We can't wait to see what we learn next week!






Friday 11th November 

 Today, St Joseph class showed our respects for the fallen soldiers during the 2 minute silence and watched some of the memorial service. After this, we reflected on why we have the 2 minute silence, and how it first started in 1919. As part of a one-off topic lesson, the children then wrote their own report or diary entry based on the very first 2 minute silence on London in 1919. Diaries were written in first person; some in the viewpoint of a child who had lost a parent or sibling, and others wrote in the viewpoint of a surviving soldier who had lost a fellow comrade. 

 The writing produced was very emotional, powerful and moving - a few of the children even made Miss P cry! Please come in and ask to see their work - we are all very proud!

Norwich in November


Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November

A huuuuuge thank you to parents for coming in to see Miss P for Parent's Evening this week - both days gave parents a great chance to come in and see the work that the children and Miss P are all proud to show off. Year 6 are making such great progress already; we are hoping that this continues into Term 3 and 4 as they are all working so so hard!

Parents - if you'd like to talk to Miss P further, please ring the office or pop in to make an appointment :) 


 Friday 18th November 

This week, the whole school has been learning about Anti-Bullying. Year 6 have contributed fabulously to this during a week of hard work and tricky discussions about the different types of bullying. We focused on types of bullying, we looked at how bullies feel in comparison to their victims, and we also talked about e-safety online to protect ourselves from cyber bullying. 

As the theme for Anti-Bullying Week was "Power for Good", we designed our own Superhero who had special powers to either stop the bully, or help the victim. Year 6's ideas were very imaginative and creative. 

Check our Anti-Bullying page to see pictures of the School's work during PSHE lessons this week.


 Wednesday 23rd November

During Term 1, we launched the Reading Challenge for this year - we are challenging the children to read at least 4 times a week. In Year 6, Miss P has been keeping a close eye on what her class are reading; some of our authors range from Jane Eyre, Shakespeare and Tolkien to David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and Bear Grylls!! A very wide range I think you will agree!

Great work from Year 6 - please keep making sure your parents/adults are signing your records, and that you are bringing them in on a Wednesday or Friday to be marked!

Take a look below - which authors can you see?


Wednesday 30th November 

Well done to Year 5 and 6 who celebrated St Andrew's Day today with a Mass held in church; Fr Gregory gave a lovely homily which we all came back to school and reflected on. As a class, we discussed the main message of the Gospel; to communicate love and show our Faith just like St Andrew did by spreading the news of Jesus. 

Thank you to Mrs Mac, Mrs Uren and Mr Finan for supporting with singing and instruments!


 Friday 1st December

Science has been one of Year 6's main subjects this term - we have focused on Electricity and Light. 

For our Electricity, we investigated how many cells were needed to power the most amount of components, and what outside factors could change the brightness of the bulbs. We had to construct our own circuits to prove our hypothesis and justify our findings. 



 We have also started our Light Topic too! Our first lessons was knowing the difference between a shadow and a reflection, how they are formed and how we actually see them. Tricky vocabulary was also introduced but Year 6 can now use and apply them correctly!

As the sun was shining beautifully, we took our learning outside - we drew our own shadows and monitored how far they moved as the Earth spun on its axis. Take a look...



Christmas Week

Year 6 have been having a lot of fun during the run up to Christmas...

 Have a look at the selection of photos from our final week of Term 2...







Tuesday 3rd January 2017


Year 6 started Term 3 with a bang today - we were straight back to work writing recounts of our Christmas Holidays, sharing the fun we had all had, and starting to work on BODMAS in Maths.

Today and tomorrow, new spellings and homework news letters will be going home - please make sure you and your child reads them. This newsletter gives you the information needed to keep up to date with the types of homework we set, the deadlines which are to be met, and the various critical thinking questions to broaden the discussions you have together at home. 

This term, Year 5 and 6 are thinking about these questions:

What else is out there?

is there such thing as a perfect person?

Is becoming a celebrity a goal worth having?

Why are footballers and pop stars paid so much more money that the people who save lives?


As always, if you have any queries, please pop in to see me!



































































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