Well done to St Patrick's School Choir at the 'Faith in the Future' - meeting of UN delegates.


On 8th September 2015 the children enjoyed an opportunity to meet with World Faith Leaders. The opening ceremony was very moving as the leaders prayed in their own language. I would like to thank the parents of the school choir for bringing their children to school so early that morning! The Governors and I were so proud of the children's behaviour as ambassadors for our school. Adults commented on how amazed they were about the children's understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals. The hymn choice of All the Nations of the Earth was very poignant and was enjoyed by all. The Faith Leaders were so pleased to chat with the children and have their photos taken with them. Selfies made the children feel very important! Our certificate is proudly on display in the foyer. We will continue to work to develop pupils' understanding of the Sustainable Goals which will be known as Bristol Commitments.

Please click on the link below to BBC Radio 4 'Sunday' programme on Sunday 13th September 2015 to hear our children singing 'All the Nations of the Earth'. Its just a snippet at the beginning to open the article but lovely to hear all the same.

Please click on the link, click play, then click on the 'Sustainability Development Goals' tab, it will take you to about 10.5 minutes into the show where the article takes place!

Mrs Marshall