The RE scheme we use is "God Matters", which aims to include and meet the targets set out in the Curriculum Directory – Revelation, The Church, Celebration, Life in Christ – for FS, KS 1 and 2. It has a varied approach to learning and encourages questioning and deepening of thinking skills through a range of thinking tools. This enables children to develop investigation, interpretation, communication, and evaluation skills. The use of art, dance and drama allows all children to enjoy and achieve in RE lessons.

The work is organised into the following units

 Terms 1 and 2:

 Creation, Prayer, Saints and Feasts and Advent

 Terms 3 and 4:

 Christmas, Revelation, Lent and Holy Week

 Terms 5 and 6:

 Easter, Sacraments, Pentecost and Mission.

 Details of the areas covered by each year group can be found in the Newsletters section of Our Catholic School


The Education in Personal Relationships programme we use is called "In the Beginning". This scheme has been approved by the Bishops of England and Wales and is recommended by the diocese. Our own relationship with God sits at the heart of the scheme throughout, and the teachings of Christ underpin the way good relationships form. The scheme forms a celebration of life, and seeks to develop in the children an understanding of the complexities of human relationships.

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are central to life at St. Patrick’s School. We begin every day with prayer in our classrooms or gathered together as a whole school or Key Stage. Children learn traditional prayers, such as the "Our Father" and "Hail Mary", and also have opportunities to compose their own prayers and experience different types of prayer during their class Collective Worship.

Everyday, children will participate in an act of Collective Worship which gives glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. This may be led by an adult and include contributions from children. In Key stage 2 children may lead the entire act of worship, advised and supported by an adult.

Masses are a regular part of our Collective Worship calendar. We have whole school masses in September at the start of the new school year, in January and to begin the summer term. We will also celebrate significant liturgical feasts. Additionally, classes come together to celebrate mass. These usually take place on a Wednesday at 9:15 am. The dates will be published in the Shamrock Newsletter and parents and friends are most warmly invited to join us.

Sacramental Preparation

During Year 3, children are invited to participate in the Parish programme of preparation for First Holy Communion. The programme is led by catechists from the parish running from January to June, and sessions usually take place on a Saturday morning. Details of how to enrol will be published in the Parish Newsletter nearer the time.

Other Faiths

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Studying other Faiths is an important part of the RE curriculum in all Catholic Schools. The bishops of England and Wales have said that one of the purposes of Religious Education is “To raise pupils’ awareness of the faith and traditions of other religious communities in order to respect and understand them.”

 During this last week we have been learning some facts about another faith. For some Key Stage 2 pupils this has involved a visit to a place of worship. Our aim is to increase pupils’ understanding of some of the faith communities who are our neighbours in Bristol and throughout the country.

 We hope the children have enjoyed their work finding out about another faith and thank you for your support. 


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