Clubs Forms

Clubs Form  2016-2017

Attached is the St Patrick's Catholic Primary School club form for Term 3 & 4.

Please note we have changed how our clubs are ran. Breakfast club, Capture the Flag and all after school clubs will now run on the same block of dates.

Clubs will always start 2nd week back of an odd numbered term and end in the penultimate week of an even numbered term. E.g. Start 2nd week of term 1 and end penultimate week of term 2. Clubs will start first week back of a even terms, e.g. terms 2, 4, 6.

Please complete the form and hand into the school office before Friday 2nd December.

All children who have been allocated a club, will receive a text to inform them. All payments have to be received by Wednesday 7th December to secure the booking.

Club Terms 3 & 4 Booking form

Music Booking form terms 3 & 4