E Safety

In a ever changing technological world, it is sometimes very difficult to know where to start when you are introducing your child to  mobile phones and tablet or computer use. Quite often it may feel that your child knows more about the internet than you do!! And whilst this is often true, your child does not have the awareness to police and keep themselves safe. Most times a child will be unaware of the potential dangers and will certainly not have the expectation that another person on the internet may not be who they say they are. As an adult it can be difficult to believe how deceitful and manipulative online predators can be. Please take time to look through our links and make yourself aware of how  you can stay up to date with the latest advice.

An E-Safety talk was also delivered to Year 5 and 6 pupils by one of our local PCSO Team and was a very informative session.  The presentation was then delivered to their parents during an afterschool session and we received very positive feedback from those parents who attended. We are delighted to announce that another session is being arranged for those parents throughout the school and we strongly advise you attend if at all possible.  Date will be announced very soon.