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This year, we are called to be a 'People of Hope'.

As we begin another school year we are preparing to appoint a new Year 5 Chaplaincy Team to work in conjunction with our current Year 6 Chaplains.

Children from Years 5 & 6 have the opportunity to serve the school as part of the Chaplaincy Team. Anyone can join and members are commissioned during a special ceremony, where they receive their Chaplaincy Team Badge and contract from Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral.

The Chaplaincy team play a vital role in the Spiritual life of the school and are supported by the R.E. Co-ordinator Mrs Deasey and Ms Young. 


Our Chaplains for 2017-2018

Year 6:

Anna, Arsha, Jeff, Serine, Lorenzo, Nikhita, Elwyn and Ala

Year 5: 

Maisy, Angela, Amelia, Emily, Harry, Lukrecija, Isabella, Julia K, Juliana, Aaron, Jessica, Bernadette, Julia B, Ben and Vivian.



The Chaplaincy Team have many important roles such as:

  • Helping the school to be a community of faith.

  • Encouraging the pupils to remember their faith in daily living.

  • Developing good relationships within and beyond the school community.

  • Writing and presenting whole school assemblies.

  • Planning and leading key stage/whole school collective worship.

  • Assisting in the organisation of school masses and liturgies.

  • Helping plan and lead charity events.

  • To continue to develop strong links with the Parish.

  • To support the school in its Mission Statement 


    The team aim to meet every Wednesday/Thursday lunch time. After just one meeting they already have some wonderful ideas of things they would like to initiate within the school and the Parish.  We will publish the details of these in the very near future.




Mary Our Mother

Chaplains have been busy this months decorating the school in honour of Mary our Mother.  We have two displays dedicated to Mary along with two May alters to celebrate Mary.  Chaplains are going to different classrooms in KS2 to say the Angelus at 12 o'clock and others have been holding a Rosary session in the Oasis Room or outside at 12:45 during the week. 



Year 3 & 4 Mass

On Wednesday the 23rd, Year 3 & 4 attended mass with Fr Stan.  They wrote some beautiful bidding prayers and selected all the music for their mass.  Chaplaincy team took readers to the church on Tuesday afternoon to practice and members of the Chaplaincy Team were alter servers.




May Procession

St Patrick’s Primary School annual May Procession will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 9:15 in our local church.  We gather to honour Mary as we crown the Queen of Angels during a devotional service presented by our Chaplaincy Team pupils.  We always invite family and friends to share in this devotion, and we ask all students to bring flowers from their gardens that day to honour Our Lady. 

During the month of May -- a month named for and dedicated to Mary -- Catholics around the world traditionally honour Our Blessed Mother with special devotional services like our May Procession. The Chaplaincy Team are inviting classes to join them in reciting the Angelus at lunchtime daily, remembering how Mary was a trusting and faithful servant of God. 

The pupils and congregation will sing several songs dedicated to Mary, including "Bring Flowers of the Fairest", "Hail Holy Queen", and "Ave Maria".



May Procession 2017


Holy Week Confessions

Fr Gregory will be in school on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of March, from 8:30, to hear confessions. Parents and children are warmly welcome to attend.  Chaplaincy Team members from Years 5 & 6 will be at the Oasis Room to assist all. The Chaplains have been busy writing out the Act of Contrition for all children in KS2 to celebrate and encourage the prayer life in school.  Each child received a bookmark with the Act of Contrition handwritten on it.  Children were invited to name, date and personalise their bookmark by adding what message from Lent they will carry forward in their lives. 


St Patrick's Day 2018

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed St Patrick's Day from the Chaplains here at St Patrick's.  

Image result for St patricks day prayer



LENT 2018

Our Chaplaincy team have been busy preparing our Lent bags for each class. In the previous weeks, Chaplains have come up with a range of activities for both KS1 and KS2.  Chaplains were particularly eager to increase the time dedicated to prayer and reflection during Lent.  To encourage this, Chaplains placed a set of Prayer Cards in each bad, along with the following: A Lenten Calendar - with a good deed to carry out on each day- for KS2, prayers for colouring in and keeping (KS1) along with a cross, a candle and some purple cloth.  Lent bags were delivered to classes following an introduction to Lent assembly, hosted by the Year 5 Chaplains. 


Collective Worship in Ordinary Time

Congratulations and a very big well done to our year 5 Chaplains as they presented their first independent, whole school collective worship on Monday 26th February. 


Christmas Cards for the Community


As part of our Chaplaincy plan, Year 3 were joined by some team members n making Christmas cards for the community.  Chaplaincy Team wanted to do something special for the community and reach out to those who many be lonely this Christmas.  They wanted people to remember that someone is thinking of them. 




 Advent 2017


Image result for advent

Look out for our purple Advent bags.

Each class has 3, sent home daily for children to perform their own little act of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Send us in any snaps or activities you've completed with your family :)



As we prepare for the coming of Christ this Advent season, our Chaplains have been thinking about how we could reach out to the wider community.  They were inspired by the Gospel of Mark reminding them to think of others.  With this in mind, they have organised prayer and card making workshops each Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, where children are welcome to write a prayer of hope, love and thought.  They are invited to come back and place the prayer in their own handmade Christmas Card, to be given out to the people of the community. 



Chaplaincy Commissioning 2017 

On Friday the 24th November, the Year 5 Chaplains attended a special service hosted by Bishop Declan at Downside Abbey, to officially commission them as school Chaplains.  There they made their pledges of faith and hope, received their badges and a blessing from Bishop Declan. 





As October is the Holy Month of the Rosary, the Chaplaincy Team are hosting lunchtime Rosary prayers . All children are welcome to join in , Rosary Beads and Prayer Books are available, children are welcome to bring their own if they wish.


Year 5 Chaplaincy Team Training Day

 Our newly appointed Year 5 Chaplains attended their first day of training at St Brendan's College on Wednesday 27th of September.  They compiled a list of inspirational ideas which will encourage, engage and continue to inspire the spiritual life of the school.