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Community Charity Work

Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

One of our main charity drives is to work alongside CAFOD. Every year, St Joseph Class pupils (Year 6) work hard to plan, deliver, host and fundraise a whole week of activities and stalls. They launched the week during an assembly, and then spent four days fundraising during the play and lunch breaks to raise money. Stalls included: bracelet making, books and toys, food and drink, penalty shoot-out, lucky dip, name the teddies, sweets in a jar and raffle. 

 Take a look at Year 6 in action!

cafod week images.pdf


 Kathy, our CAFOD representative said, “ I would like to thank you for all your hard work in raising money for CAFOD. I really enjoyed to the school during the fundraiser! Thank you and bless you for doing so much for the poor. You are all a great example of Catholic Social Teaching in action!”

Live Simply

This year, our main focus from the Diocese is to 'Live Simply'. Kathy came into school to deliver a presentation and some workshops about how we can put the idea of 'living simply' into action. 


After these workshops, Year 6 prepared for their Leavers' Mass at Clifton Cathedral, where the Offertory gifts were linked to the work we have been doing all year. Our school focus was to create a living prayer garden, for the School, Parish and wider community. 

Year 6 planned, designed, and built their own prayer gardens, all with sustainable materials and resources: recycled paper and plastic, reused building materials and donated items. 

 Our hope is that our PTA uses elements of the designs when they start the Garden Project!




 Close-ups of the Prayer Gardens  

Tony and Leila then took their group's prayer garden up during the Offertory Procession during Mass.