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Here is a reminder of some of the great projects you had all contributed to during the last lockdown and school year. Can you spot yours?

Underneath you can see the pictures you have been creating at home and during keyworker provision. Keep those pictures coming in so we can add to our gallery!


Hello Children, Mrs T has been very busy again, collecting lots of art resources for you to try at home. 

She has drawn up a '99 things to do at home' planner - Please have a look, participation is at parents discretion, if activities do not suit you then just use any day!

mrs t 99 things.pdf

Let us know if you have a go at any of them. 

Mrs T recommends 'Clay and Paper' - Have a look at these projects, they are easy to do, use materials from the recycling box, and are very effective!! Send in your versions so we can add to our Gallery! 

Up and away in these fantastic hot air balloons! Find a photo of yourself that you can use in your artwork! Next draw around a plate and cut out a circle for your balloon. Decorate with crazy patterns in felt tips or watercolour. Cut out a basket shape and attach to the balloon with two pieces of string. Decorate your background with a beautiful sky! Stick your balloon down and don’t forget to add you in the basket!! Love these, such fun!! 🎈🌈💙🌈
Mondrian Collages - inspired by the work of Mondrian! Cut up shapes of blue, yellow and red paper. Arrange your composition on white paper and once happy stick it down. Now use a straight object eg a lolly stick, ruler to print the black lines in paint. Have fun! 🌈💙😀🌷
Black Glue Mandalas - draw your repetitive pattern in pencil on paper. You can section your circle into parts to help you. Mix black acrylic paint with PVA glue and put it into a bottle with a thin nozzle! Carefully go over your outlines with the mixture and leave to dry overnight. Once dry decorate your mandala with bright watercolours. Have a great weekend 😀🌈💙🌷

Let us know on our facebook page or email through the school if you have completed any of these art activities. We would all love to see them.


Don't be... visit one of these pages for more inspiration! 














https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zyg4d2p (KS1)


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zn3rkqt (KS2)