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Computing in St Patrick’s School is designed to enable pupils to develop their digital skills, knowledge, and understanding, as well as their creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. 

The curriculum covers a range of computing topics, including programming, data handling, internet safety, and digital literacy, and is designed to meet the needs of all pupils, regardless of their background or ability. It provides opportunities for pupils to develop their practical skills through hands-on activities, as well as their theoretical understanding of computing concepts.

The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to learn about the impact of computing on society and to understand the ethical and legal considerations of using technology. It encourages pupils to develop their communication and literacy skills, enabling them to express their ideas and opinions about computing topics in a clear and coherent way. 

Finally, the computing curriculum is delivered in a way that is engaging and motivating for pupils, fostering a love of technology and encouraging them to develop an interest in computing topics. The curriculum is inclusive, ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to participate and succeed, regardless of their background or ability 

We are following the Teach Computing scheme of work. Here is our Computing overview. 


computing whole school curriculum map 1 .pdf