ELLI- Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory

As part of our vision we are committed to enabling the children to develop as confident and adaptable learners. We believe ELLI can help us achieve this.

ELLI aims:

To focus on learning and learners.

To provide children with a vocabulary to talk about their learning.

To provide children with a focus to reflect on learning.

To allow all children to get better at learning by demystifying it.


There are 7 characteristics that help us become better at learning. To make it easy, each one is represented by an animal:


The Resilient Tortoise-  Persevering no matter how hard things seem.



The Curious Cat – Finding out, exploring and asking questions.



The Changing Chameleon – Changing and adapting an approach to learning to improve.




The Wise Owl – Thinking strategically.



The Busy Bee – Working together.



The Creative Unicorn – Being imaginative, finding creative solutions.



We have recently embarked on our ELLI journey. Each class has been reading and discussing the ELLI story (see links). We have decided to start the New Year by focusing on 'The Resilient Tortoise' .   We want to ensure that the children in our school are prepared to take risks with their learning, push themselves further and know that we learn by making mistakes along the way. The Working Walls in our classrooms show how supportive we are to one another and how we celebrate our range of gifts and talents. Our motto for Terms 3 and 4 is "Never give up!" During our weekly Friday assembly one child in each class will be nominated for 'Star Learner' which means they have demonstrated the skills needed to be like 'The Resilient Tortoise'. Come back soon to see who has been nominated so far....

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