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At St Patrick's we use a topic based approach to teach children skills and knowledge in Geography. At Key Stage One pupils develop their knowledge about the world, the United Kingdom and their locality. They develop their understanding through basic subject-specific vocabulary relating to human and physical geography and begin to use geographical skills, including first-hand observation, to enhance their locational awareness. This continues in Key Stage Two where pupils broaden their geographical knowledge and understanding beyond the local area to include the United Kingdom and Europe, North and South America. Children are encouraged to explore the world they live in and to have fun doing it!

We encourage creativity and independence by hosting whole school geography themed projects such as ‘Where in the World? Past, Present & Future Self’ that encourage children to think about their place in the world. Geography enables children to see the world as a limitless place of exploration and learning.


During the 2016/2017 year we will be reviving our Geography skills across all year groups.  Geography skills will be taught discreetly across a wide range of cross-curricular subjects.  Our focus this year will be on geographical language and enquiry skills.  Children will have many opportunities to explore people, cultures  and places.  We will be learning about Other Faiths in RE, providing an excellent opportunity to explore countries, cultures and people. We will be studying a wide range of History topics throughout each Key Stage, which will provide extensive opportunities for enquiry. 

In Term 1 our Geography focus was centered around the theme of Black History Month.  As a multicultural school we celebrated this event by asking children to create a project on someone of African or Caribbean heritage.  Our children created some amazing reports.  See our images below.  

Web icon http://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning with Mr Harris continues to support and enhance the learning of Geography skills across our school. It has been particularly successful this term as we have a number of animal visitors to our field. This has prompted some fantastic questions from our enthusiastic geographers.


Singing Around the World

Singing around the world will be launched in Term 5 & 6 by Mrs Mac Nama.  Every week children are taken on a choral journey, visiting different countries and learning about culture, people and music.  Children learn a new song each week, often in a different language. 

Take a look at one of our presentations: 

Word icon Musical Tour


Geography Skills Around the School

Year 3 - Volcanoes! 

Year 3 have completed some incredible work on Volcanoes.  They are an excellent example of how geography skills are cross curricular and can be taught discreetly. Children have learned and practised their geography skills through English, Art, D&T and through Topic.  





As part of our Romans topic, we have been looking at the spread of the Roman empire across Europe as well as some of the geographical features of Italy, which enabled it to become one of the greatest empires of all time!