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What is history and why is it important? 

History is the story of everything that people have ever done. That's some story! 

It is our story. By understanding our past and where we came from, we hope to better understand where we are now and think about what might happen in the future. 


We believe that history should be relevant to our pupils and exciting. We offer a skills-based history experience that allows children to behave like real historians. We want our pupils to understand how the story of our local community fits into a wider national and international story. We will help them to realise that the skills of a historian are transferable to other areas of the curriculum, and to life. 


We teach a carefully planned and sequenced history curriculum that provides progression in skills and regularly revisits key concepts. 

We use an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. 


Pupils will have a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of the local, British and world history units covered. 

Pupils can make connections between different periods of history and identify continuity and change over time. 

Pupils will be able to use their enquiry skills to make informed judgements about events that have happened, evaluating evidence critically. 

Pupils will accurately use a range of historical vocabulary and will understand key historical terms and concepts.