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Outdoor Learning and Mentoring

St Patrick's works very closely with Signature Sports Coaching. Their  mentoring provision allows their mentors to develop positive relationships with pupils who may be experiencing difficulties at home, who may find the school setting challenging, who may struggle socially, who may lack confidence and resilience, or may just need that bit of extra support or something to look forward each week to make their school life a more positive experience.

1 - 2 - 1 Support 

Signature Sports mentors can offer pupils support within the classroom setting. They can be on hand throughout a morning or afternoon  to help a designated individual with classwork, keep them engaged whilst defusing any potential situations that may  occur, and to help them develop friendships within their class group. The added benefit of having a mentor in class is the bonus of them being able to remove the child at any point for any given reason such as for a controlled energy release.

1 - 2 - 1 Behaviour Support

Sport can be a fantastic gateway for children who may find classroom-based provision difficult. It can also be a great tool to improve social skills, independent learning and controlling emotions. Our coaches can deliver tailored sessions either in small groups or 1:1 to help those children who would really benefit from a controlled energy release during the school day. Signature Sports Coaching have been highly recommended by Dr Jan Filer for our behaviour support provision.

Small Group Work 

Mentors can work in small groups of up to 4 (for KS1) or up to 6 (for KS2) and work towards a specific target. This could be developing social skills, boosting confidence, improving resilience or something more specific relating to the selected pupils.

Breaktime and Lunchtime 

Working closely with individual pupils or a small group of targeted pupils to improve playtimes. Mentors can run a variety of games/activities and be on hand to guide pupils to safer play, defusing any situations that may usually occur during this time whilst giving the pupils new ideas for play.