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As a Catholic Primary School we are committed to ensuring that all members of the community have the opportunities to fulfill their potential as human beings made in the image of God.  Each person, with the dignity and destiny of a child of God, has rights which respect their individual identity to ensure freedom from discrimination.

Our equalities statement is guided by some core principles.

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School seeks to:

  • Be a school family which lives the Gospel values of love and acceptance where all are respected and valued for who they are regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, social class, marital status or ability now known as Protected Characteristics.
  • Encourage and enable every member of the community to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative, social and physical potential.

As part of our commitment to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requirement to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations we are publishing our Equalities Information and Objectives.


Public Sector Equality Duty Data  (PSED) 

School Composition 23-24

Governors: 8 

Male: 37%  

Female: 63% 


Staff: 34 

Male: 13% 

Female: 87% 


Pupils on Roll: 207 

Male  48.7% 

Female: 51.2% 

Pupil and Staff Data from Census (Oct 2023) 


56 % of pupils are EAL with 33 languages listed in Oct 23 Census  (up from 29 languages in 2022) 

Main languages represented other than English: /Polish/ Western European languages other than English, African languages and Malayalam.  

The number of pupils speaking English as an Additional Language is well above average at 65% (constant from 2021 67%) 

56% of pupils in current reception class are EAL ( 73% 2022 59% 2021 50% 2020) 

EAL % per class: R: 65, Y1: 83, Y2: 66, Y3 53, Y4 66, Y5 70, Y6 56 (as of 15/01/24) 




Diversity-predominant groups %BME:  

Diversity- 40% %BAME: this is broadly static since 2021 


Predominant groups IDSR 2023:  Those with 5% or more are: White and Any other white background (36%), White British (22%), Black or Black British-African, Asian (11%) Mixed white and Black African or Asian (6%) 


2022-2023: The proportion of pupils from minority ethnic groups is 25% 


Pupil Premium/FSM: 19%                           

There is a below-average rate of families claiming free school meals.   

Autumn 2023 Census: FSM 40 out of 207 (19%)

Autumn 2022 Census: FSM 28 out of 206 families (14%)  

Autumn 2021 Census: FSM 26 (25 PP, 1 Service) out of 206 pupils are eligible for FSM (12%)  

SEN:  8% 2023, 10% 2022, 10% 2021       


There are 8% of pupils in the school with special educational needs or disabilities of whom 5 have a statement of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)/ Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP). 

School’s context: Information from School Census/SIMS 

  • The school is a 1 form entry Catholic Stand Alone Academy Converter School in the locality of Redfield, Bristol.  
  • The school serves the parish of St Patrick, Redfield.  
  • Our pupils come from the Wards of St George (West) Redfield +St George- approximately 50%, St Annes (7%) Kingswood, Easton and Whitehall 
  • In terms of deprivation: 20—40%: in lower areas of deprivation. School in 3rd percentile for poverty with pupils coming from 4th percentile. 
  • Mobility: IDSR shows we have well above average school stability. Mobility has increased over the past few years, families moving out of area/out of country.


Bristol Equalities Charter and Children's Charter

equalities information and objectives policy june 2023.pdf