As an outstanding school, we are always striving to maintain and improve the quality of all that we do. As a staff, and through homework survey responses and staff meeting focus in October 2016, we have been reviewing our ethos regarding homework and looking at ways in which homework can be more effectively managed and most purposefully delivered at St Patrick’s.

At St Patrick’s:

  • we believe that the main purpose of homework is to enable parents and children to share their learning together;
  • we appreciate that there needs to be a home-school balance and we highly value the importance of play, outdoor and family time at home which is key to healthy child development and growth;
  • we understand that homework has enormous benefits including developing the relationship between parent, child and school in sharing and supporting learning;
  • within our school, our data shows a positive correlation between pupils who complete homework and overall attainment at the end of KS2 and therefore there is an expectation that homework is completed and handed in on time;
  • we believe that homework should provide opportunities to practise, revisit and consolidate school-based learning. It should be integrated with the curriculum and learning that has already happened in class. NEW learning will not be given as weekly homework but may be included as part of a project;
  • we recognise that reading for pleasure, phonics, spellings and the practice of number recognition, number bonds and times tables and are the most important elements of homework that underpin the foundations of English and Maths work;
  • we acknowledge that homework in the EYFS & Infant setting helps to establish good habits and that homework in the Junior setting helps to establish independence;
  • we recognise the need for consistency across the school in our approach to delivering and communicating expectations regarding homework.