Signing Group (10 images)

Mrs Raine's signing group 'popping up' at variuos events throughout the year.

Playtime (6 images)

Photos from lunchtime KS1 & KS2

School Meals & Yr 3 Parent lunch (21 images)

Photos from our Yr 3 Parent Lunch and featuring children enjoying school lunches

Sports Day KS2 2019 (42 images)

Fun photos from our KS2 Sports Day

Fr Gregory's Visit to Year 5 & 6 (10 images)

Fr Henry's visit to Reception Class (10 images)

Fr Henry visited Francis Class to talk about Creation. We sang a song in English and Polish about how God made the world.

Father Henry's Visit (4 images)

On Monday 5th October, Father Henry came to St Patrick's to talk to children about responding to God's call.

Collective Worship (6 images)

Tuesday 7th November - Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids

Year 5 Visit to the Mosque (8 images)

May 3rd 2018

Collective Worship in the Oasis Room (3 images)

Year 5 Chaplains hosting class collective worship

Collective Worship Outside (8 images)

Year 5 Chaplains - Thursday 17th May 2018

Easter Collective Worship (8 images)

Collective Worship led ny Year 5 - Whole school and in-class

Other Faiths (Islam) (27 images)

A revision of Islam and introduction to the Five Pillars of Islam.

Be the Change (29 images)

November 2017

Chaplaincy Commissioning 2017 (16 images)

Downside Abbey Friday 24th November 2017

Y5 Assembly (19 images)

Friday 13th October 2017

Y5 Trip to Bristol History & Art Museum (66 images)

Tuesday 10th October

Collective Worship (5 images)

10th October 2017

Rosary (3 images)

Moth of October

Fr Henry's Visit to Year 5 (7 images)

October 5th 2017

Explorer Dome 2017 (10 images)

Eco Council (8 images)

First meeting

Year 5 Chaplaincy Team (23 images)

27th September 2017 @ St Brendan's College Training Day

Puxton Park (47 images)

Dino Museum (7 images)

Year 1's Dino Museum 18th May 2017

Outdoor Learning Day 2017 (33 images)

National Outdoor Learning Day 18th May 2017

Growing :) (11 images)

Term 5 Science Topic - Plants

Science Investigation May 2017 (6 images)

What do plants need to grow?

May Procession (9 images)

17th May 2017 @ St Patrick's Church

Family Breakfast (2 images)

17th May 2017

Dinosaur Wow Day (27 images)

Junior School Choir (8 images)

photos and video

Dance Club 4 (10 images)

Term 4

Dance Club 3 (9 images)

Term 4

Dance Club 2 (8 images)

Term 3

Dance Club 1 (8 images)

Term 3

St Patrick's Day (23 images)

Stay and Write (38 images)

Parents supporting children

Eden Food Service Trip (22 images)

February 2017

World Book Day 2017 (35 images)


Chinese New Year (52 images)

Science Day - Animals, including Humans (20 images)

Wednesday 20th January 2017

Light Up A Life Assembly (4 images)

Monday 5th December 2016

Collective Worship 6 Term 2 (5 images)

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Volcanos (9 images)

Completed Volcano projects by Year 3

Collective Worship 5 Term 2 (5 images)


Collective Worship 4 Term 2 (5 images)

22nd November 2016

Volcanos (8 images)

Term 2 Week 4

Read with Me! (2 images)

Week 3 Term 2

Children in Need (2 images)


Collective Worship 3 Term 2 (4 images)


Learning Environment Year 3 (4 images)

11th November 2016

Collective Worship Term 2 (4 images)


Growth Mindset T2 (7 images)


Geography Skills T2 (10 images)


Collective Worship 7 (4 images)


Read with Expression! (7 images)


Black History Week (11 images)

Celebration of Black History Week 17th - 21st October 2016

Read with Expression! (5 images)

GoNoodle dance on Monday 17th October 2016

FairTrade Assembly (6 images)

Friday 14th October 2016

Farewell Ms Thompson (16 images)

Friday 14th October 2016

Bread making (62 images)

Francis Class made a bread roll after reading the story of The Little Red Hen.

Collective Worship 6 (5 images)

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Stay and Read with Us (17 images)

Year 3 Monday 10th October

Countdown Mental Maths (5 images)

Year 3 v Mr Harris and Ms Young!

Golden Time 7th October 2016 (7 images)

Year 3 Learning Environment (4 images)

Collective Worship 5 (5 images)

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Science Investigation - Features of Rocks (6 images)

Macmillan Cake Sale (6 images)

Collective Worship 4 (5 images)

Week 4

Collective Worship (9 images)

Photos of Class, Key Stage and Whole School Collective Worship sessions and Masses

Reception Class receive blessing at Harvest Mass (3 images)

Elections 2016 (5 images)

Collective Worship 2 (7 images)

Week 2 - 13/9/16

Collective Worship 1 (7 images)

Week 1 6/9/16

Francis Class 2016 (20 images)

Our first few days in school

Y3 - Islam (15 images)

Other Faiths week

Y3 - Easter Play Prep (1 images)

Y3 - First Communion Art (1 images)

Y3 - Hinduism (13 images)

Other faiths week

French Day (13 images)

Pentecost - Francis Class (8 images)

St Patrick's Day Celebrations (49 images)

Geography Projects (5 images)

Y3 WBD (9 images)

Y3 Bridges (12 images)

Y3 Chicks (8 images)

Y3 T3 Assembly Romans (11 images)

Chicks 2016 (13 images)

Culture Projects (21 images)

Rivers (25 images)

We created some fantastic river systems over half term including everything we had learnt about rivers.

Term 3 Francis Class (17 images)

Y3 Roman Roads (13 images)

Building Roman Roads

Y3 Heart Investigation (8 images)

General School Photos (5 images)

General School Photos

Food Workshop (9 images)

Photos from Year 6's food workshop in December.

Farmer Jack's Visit (14 images)

Geography Projects (8 images)

Y3 Eco Club (4 images)

Beauty and the Beast (10 images)

Photos from the St Brendan's production of Beauty and the Beast.

Problem Solving Investigation (5 images)

Photos from Year 6 Problem Solving Investigation in November.

Pop Up Book Workshop (4 images)

Photos from the Pop Up Book Workshop from Book Week 2015.

Problem Solving Workshop (5 images)

Photos from Year 6's Problem Solving Workshop.

Science - Circuits (16 images)

Year 6 learn about electricity and circuits in Science.

Christmas Lanterns Workshop (9 images)

Photos from our Christmas Lantern Workshop on Thursday 26th November and Thursday 3rd December.

Y3 Tree Planting (20 images)

Buddhism Trip (9 images)

Year 6 Trip to a Buddhist Centre in October.

y3 trip to post office (10 images)

y3 ps (7 images)

The Pebble in my Pocket. (7 images)

y3 Problem solving week (7 images)

Y2 book week (5 images)

Storytelling Year 3 (7 images)

Cave Painting Year 3 (15 images)

As part of our investigation into the Stone Age, we created some Stone Age painting on paper and on rock.

Measuring the Hall (5 images)

Last week in maths Year 2 were using metre sticks to measure the Hall. First we estimated its length, then we worked in groups to see if our estimates were close.

Francis Class September 2015 (34 images)

Sporting Achievements 14/15 (64 images)

Photos of some of our sporting achievements here at St Patrick's in the school year 2014/2015.

Westonbirt (36 images)

Trip to France (30 images)

Golden Time in Year 2 (22 images)

Lego, junk modelling, dominoes, drawing & colouring, puppet shows or just relaxing in the book corner.

Young Scientists make... Toast (10 images)

We explored what happens when materials are heated.

Year 2 SS Great Britain Trip (24 images)

Creating our May display (11 images)

We prepared for the month of Our Lady by choosing our material, candles, pictures and Holy Water from Lourdes.

Pizza Express (37 images)

Reception - Term 5 (7 images)

Dragon Hunt (4 images)

Cake Sale for Red Nose Day (2 images)

St. Patrick's Day celebrations (55 images)

Mother's Day (30 images)

Looking for poetic inspiration by using our senses! (5 images)

Year 3 Pen License (2 images)

The Gingerbread Man (13 images)

Stations of the Cross (16 images)

Catholic Life of the School (4 images)

The Enormous Turnip (26 images)

Chinese New Year (20 images)

Fruit or vegetable? Science Investigation (10 images)

Using our talents (12 images)

In RE we read the Parable of the Talents. We thought about how we use the different parts of our body to praise God.

Investigating weight (4 images)

Investigating capacity (5 images)

The Enormous Turnip (15 images)

Learning around our Big Book The Enormous Turnip

Curry Night (17 images)

Ice Week (7 images)

Investigating ice, talking about melting and freezing

Advent (40 images)

Choir 2014 (13 images)

Francis Class Term 2 (14 images)

Year 3/4 Bowls Trip (10 images)

Photos from Year 3/4 visit to Bristol Bowls Club on Friday 7th November.

Pattern (20 images)

Romans (9 images)

Macmillan Afternoon Tea (19 images)

Francis Class Settling in to a new Term (11 images)

Polish food and dancing (28 images)

World Cup Week and Sports Day (25 images)

Food for Thought (19 images)

Thank you to parents who contributed to International Food Week. Pupils and staff were very impressed by the variety; Indian, Polish, French, Caribbean, Italian...

Bloomfield School (4 images)

We are exchanging letters and photos with a class of 10 - 11 year olds in Pakistan.

Black History Week (12 images)

The black community of our school made a huge and delicious contribution to the school's annual Black History Week

International Award (55 images)

Cafod 2014 (16 images)

Choir at Colston Hall (7 images)

Baton Relay June 2014 (19 images)

Reception - Pentecost procession (12 images)

May Procession - Francis Class (11 images)

Francis Class Making Slime (23 images)

Signs of Spring and fruit and veg shop (9 images)

Gaelic Football 2014 (11 images)

Easter bonnet parade (6 images)

Francis Class Map making (11 images)

Gymnastic Competition 2014 (13 images)

Reception Class - Dinosaur Week (18 images)

Year 2 International Food Week (11 images)

Cabug Circus (18 images)

We created bug hotels and installed them on the field.

Green Fingers (20 images)

Francis Class Trip to France (43 images)

We're going on a Bear Hunt (9 images)

Pushes and pulls in year 1 (14 images)

Year 1 had a lovely time exploring pushes and pulls in the playground.

Pushes and pulls in year 1 (21 images)

Year one had a great time exploring toys that move by pushes and pulls!

Jan 2014 (25 images)

Cemetery Walk (15 images)

Our trip to Bristol Museum (9 images)

Year 1 at Pyjamarama (2 images)

Y1 Measuring the school Hall (5 images)

We used metre sticks to meaure the width and length of the Hall.

Wedding Celebration (10 images)

Pyjamarama- Reception Class (3 images)

Planetarium (7 images)

Bread making (16 images)

Year 2 (13 images)

Macmillan Tea Party (18 images)

Our first week in school (20 images)

Year 3 Photos (7 images)

Growing Beans (13 images)

Growing Beans

Gromit (15 images)

Circus (48 images)

Westonbirt Trip (7 images)