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Menu Spring/Summer 2024 
The price of a school meal is currently £2.70


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School Meals

St Patrick's School is very proud of its healthy and tasty school meals. Children enjoy a varied menu with A traditional and vegetarian Hot Meal. 

Children from Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 have a school meal provided through Government funding. We strongly encourage parents to use this opportunity to receive a school meal for free. If your child is unwilling to try, please talk to the school office, often children will try meals at school they would refuse at home and we would never let a child go hungry!

 If you are providing a packed lunch for your child please remember -

  • No nut or nut products (nutella, peanut butter, nut cereal bars) are allowed. These products will be removed from lunch boxes and returned to you at home time.

  • No sparkling or fizzy drinks

  • No crisps, cakes or sweets please

  • Please ensure your child can open all items in their lunch box by themselves and please provide cutlery if required. 


 To find out if you are eligible for Free School Meals and to apply online, please follow the attached link. The school office will also assist you if you require further information or help.


Medical Diet Information

Please see the attached video 

explaining some of the facts concerning medical diet information required by our caterer. Children were issued with a Medical Diet form to complete, please find a copy below if required. It is essential you use this form to alert us to any changes in your child's health relating to food allergies.

medical diets parents guide v2 bristol.pdf

medical diet request form v5 05oct20.pdf

medical diet evidence support form v1 01jun20.pdf

chartwells may contain nuts consent form v1 sept20.pdf

chartwells nut policy statement schools v1 jul20.pdf