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The Governing Board

 The governing board has 4 main responsibilities.
These are as follows:

  • To ensure the catholicity of the school environment and curriculum. The foundation governors are responsible to the Bishop of Clifton for this
  • The governors together with the head teacher are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school.
  • The governors hold the head teacher to account
  • The governors ensure that effective systems are in place to ensure that the school performs within budget (financial accountability)


The Constitution

First Appointed Term Start Term End
Foundation Governors
Reuben Alozie 09 Nov 2018 16 Jan 2023 15 Jan 2027
Munashe Musarurwa 23 Sep 2019 23 Sep 2023 28 Sep 2027
Stewart Fraser 16 Jul 2021 01 Sep 2021 31 Aug 2025
Ursula Townsley 18 March 2022 18 Mar 2022 17 Mar 2026
Joanna Deasey 23 March 2023 23 Mar 2023 22 Mar 2027
Community Governor
Parent Governor
Elisha O'Connor 05 Dec 2022 05 Dec 2022 04 Dec 2026
Staff Governors
Charlotte Priddle 20 Jul 2016 30 Jun 2020 29 Jun 2024
Louise Hallahan (on mat leave for 23-24) 05 Jan 2022 05 Jan 2022 04 Jan 2026
Michele Marshall 12 Sep 2012

 Recently Resigned (Past 12 months)

 Fiona Bradley                              01 August 2012 - 09 June 2023

Natasha Mulvihill                        13 October 2022 - 11 October 2023


Roles and Responsibilities

 Chair of Governors: Jo Deasey

Vice Chair of Governors: Stewart Fraser


Joanna Deasey (Chair), Reuben Alozie, Munashe Musarurwa, Charlotte Priddle, Daniel Beasley-Suffolk


Ursula Townsley (Chair), Reuben Alozie, Stewart Fraser, Munashe Musarurwa, Elisha O'Connor, 

Finance, Audit and Risk 

Stewart Fraser (Chair), Munashe Musarurwa, Michele Marshall, Charlotte Priddle, Charron Plumstead (SBM)

Curriculum and Standards

Joanna Deasey (Chair), Michele Marshall (HT), Charlotte Priddle (DHT)

The Governing Board meets 6 times per year, and there are 4 committees that meet as required.


Admissions Chair: Munashe Musarurwa

Curriculum and Standards Chair: Jo Deasey 

Finance, Audit and Risk Chair: Stewart Fraser

Mission Chair: Munashe Musarurwa


In addition to sitting on committees, governors will often perform a complimentary strategic link role alongside the member of staff delegated with the implementation of a strategy.

Our link governors are as follows:

R Alozie: Sports Premium / ICT / Creative Arts

S Fraser: Maths

N Mulvihill: Safeguarding & Equalities / History and Geography

M Musarurwa: Health & Safety / Religious Education 

U Townsley: SEN / Pupil Premium / Science



      Clerk to the Governors: Clerk@stpatrickscps.org


 Attendance 2022-2023

meetings stpatrickscatholic.pdf




Declarations of Interest 

declarations st patricks catholic primary academy.pdf