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Have a look at this great resource commemorating Windrush Day 22nd June 2020. 


Dear Parents and Carers

I haven't updated some of this message as I strongly believe it is very relevant and important this week, as last week to remain aware of the changing world around us. You have been emailed a copy of the latest newsletter and FAQ sheet, please take 5 minutes to read it as it contains important information regarding school updates for the rest of this term and the new school year. It is also included as a link at the end of this message. 

This last week has been full of news, protests and demonstrations for equal rights, children returning to their classes for the first time, advice on wearing masks in public places and on transport, so we can see that whilst most of us stay home, the world is moving and changing all around us.

St Patrick’s School and Community stand behind the call for equal rights and trust everyone in our community to treat each other with respect and love. We know many people within our community who feel very strongly about the protests in Bristol and we pray for a day without inequality and racial tension. To all the people who supported the protest – please follow the advice to stay home; we pray you remain well and in good health. Your lives matter to us and to St Patrick’s Community.

As the world begins to open up around us, many people are still working from home, learning from home and following the advice to keep to social distancing. We appreciate this can feel very isolating and lonely so please encourage children who can not come into school to maintain contact by sending in pictures for the school class pages. The website is now featuring some slideshows where you can see your classmates and enjoy the pictures of their lockdown activities. We have never in the school’s history been so divided physically yet for many of the staff, the feeling of teamwork is stronger than ever. We can see neighbourhoods supporting each other with volunteering work and organisations turning to provide food for people most disadvantaged by the lockdown and Coronavirus crisis. There is much to be proud of in Bristol and if anyone needs support please contact the school so we can see what can be done to help you.

We have welcomed back, with great consideration and careful planning, pupils from Year Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. So far, all children have arrived at school well prepared for the changes in their school and classrooms. We thank our staff for those preparations, booklets and letters and our parents for explaining how school will be different and we are really pleased how well the children are adjusting.

For many reasons, school may not be the right place for your child at the moment. We know that you as a parent will carefully decide what is the right thing to do for your child and we support your decision. Our in-house teaching remains the same as the online teaching we provide through the school website and CGP books as we do not want any child to be disadvantaged by not attending school. Please check your class pages and additional learning links for work but please do not feel pressure to provide hours of home schooling when life is already very challenging for some of our families. If you are worried, please contact the school and we will be able to advise you.

For the children who do not have a choice over returning to school in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 – your school and teacher miss you very much. We do not know what provision will be offered during the rest of Term 6.  We await updated guidance from the government. Under current guidelines, as you will be aware, it is taking more staff and more classrooms to offer 3 classes and keyworker provision than it normally would. This means there is a limit on what St Patrick’s can offer. All decisions that affect St Patrick’s School are planned very carefully and then approved by the Governing Board before they are implemented. This way, we aim to provide fair access to education working within the guidelines to keep staff, children and their families safe.  We will keep you informed.

I hope you all have a good week.  Please pray for unity and peace in our world. Stay safe and well.

God Bless

Michele Marshall and the staff of St Patrick’s School     

Newsletter 17.06.2020             

FAQ sheet 17.06.2020                                               

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