St Patrick's 80th Anniversary

Welcome to St Patrick’s

‘Learning together with God’

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School offers Outstanding Education to boys and girls aged 4-11 years. St Patrick’s School is an academy which means it is independent of the Local Authority receiving funding directly from the Department of Education to provide the best educational opportunities for our pupils.

St Patrick’s works in partnership with Clifton Diocese and with Catholic Primary and Secondary schools to ensure that the highest standard of Catholic Education is delivered to all of our pupils.
The strength of our Parish Community links with our Parish Church in Redfield is evident when visiting our school where we truly are living our school motto "Learning Together with God"  

We genuinely believe that teaching our children to live their Gospel Values in their everyday life has a positive effect upon their ability to be fantastic learners. Learning in an environment where every child matters, means that children become considerate, supportive peers and learn that working to the best of your ability and aspiring to achieve the best you can, is what we all do at St Patrick's. 

St Patricks Catholic Primary School